Tuesday, 18 February 2014

इस्तीफे के लिए क्यों नहीं किया जनमत संग्रह

Why did not the resignation referendum

Dr. Dileep Agnihotri 0
as the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal's Achievement to NAME but A FEW days can BE considered A success by the success of Failure winner the graffiti. "You had the look of A closed fist million, remained Open to the dust. Congress, in collaboration with the Chief Minister was not Ashamed of them. Breaking Really did not regret. Now Jnlok performed on the sails are proud to Topple the government of the BJP and the Congress have been accused of Collusion. Who told him to resign. What he really wanted to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill. This was possible due to the current system. The BJP had expressed disagreement on the Jan Lokpal proposal. Disagreement on the process was not followed. Delhi Lokayukta was established by the Government of Madan Lal Khurana. Arvind Kejriwal , now that it is not appropriate to talk of amending it. The new system and strengthening of place to consider. Attempt to agree on that. Why was he in such a hurry. Eradicate corruption and punish the corrupt are still many laws. Arvind could take steps in this direction. He was a failure at the time the Jan Lokpal. But no one told him to resign. But their opposition was in the majority in the Assembly on the issue of constitutional provisions were not binding on him to resign. It's all right on the Jnlopal not follow the procedure was opposed to the BJP and the Congress together. But no one wanted to topple the government. Congress 'you' written letters to the government, was assigned to the Lt. Governor. He did not return . Arvind Kejvriwal did not need to resign. grounds it not true that he himself wanted to flee. They seemed that Congress was wrong to cooperate. Congress was their enemy number one. Today, the Jan Lokpal bill to pass in that election promises are resting . It's going to remember them. But why support for the Congress promised to take or forgotten. What was the need to support his government. Atleast you point out that he remains a man of reliability. They also must explain in layman's advice Why did not resign first. Arvind asking the people of Delhi on Jan Lokpal episode was resigning. Two hundred public meetings to resign, why not support millions of messages and papers. The second example of this was the end. The referendum will take the cooperation of Congress. He himself can decide to leave the field. Both can not be right. Their cooperation was not taking the oath of Congress. In practice it's not too late. The process running on Arvind knew that he would not have to, it is not possible to pass the Jan Lokpal not granted the President of the Lt. Governor. The message is clear - Arvind had taken the decision to resign or flee. The Jan Lokpal was only the excuse. Arvind Kejriwal's resignation before the referendum reveals desire to make them public. Corruption is a serious problem. People want the end but this time you've voted in the poll were more important. It is wrong to say that half of the Jan Lokpal rates and seven hundred liters of water per day by the promise of free shone . In addition, five hundred schools, Mohalla Committee, set up to build hospitals, the take stern action against those who promise to regularize the temporary government employees were also very attractive. If Congress against the wind. He had to be out of power. BJP promises but in case you could not match. Who would not want to get free water, electricity rate is halved. The BJP could not give so much temptation. Nonetheless, it remained the largest party it was amazing. "You people from the government wanted to implement these promises. It was not resigned at the Insistence of the Jan Lokpal Arvind Janaakancsha. enthusiasm you have made ​​the government in power and the reality experienced Phnuckr. He wanted to run from the day before. Was not achieved. Adtalis hours have been cut had less to do the same. The promise of free water proved to be deceived. Seven hundred liters of water each person's ability to deliver not only in Delhi. Tanker members raised prices. More than a third of the population has increased trouble. Half the cost of electricity has pledged hoax. Public funds subsidizing the electricity companies. Development work had been cut by more than three hundred crores. That was the beginning. "Developments in You Cut it did not matter to the government. He Extended surcharge. Government and Deceived you. Workers who had sent her electric Bill. They have A Gift with Discount Bills. Paying the Bills were honestly that he was told were wrong. What 'you', this move was justified. Delhi Government is not an inch of land. Where opened five hundred school. Temporary workers were regulated by general administrative order. There was no obstacle. You did not keep the promise . Made the issue of Jan Lokpal. Its name was guaranteed to run. Arvind not understand it, he has done wonders FIR against Ambani. Audits will be completed so quickly. The reduction in benefits not provided by subsidizing their companies. The public has been deceived. Delhi is clear that people began to understand the spectacle of you. Popularity was falling. He was anxious about the elections. There was no intention to pass the Jan Lokpal. It was proposed migration. (author columnist Dr. Dileep Agnihotri are discussed . Dr. Agnihotri from time to time even - the act of writing articles on topical subjects are executed with the promptness. Dr. Agnihotri has published several books that.)

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