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माफिया डान मुन्ना बजरंगी की रसद से चलता है अखबार

Mafia don Munna Bajrangi moves newspaper logistics 

Voice Movement Anf the case of Varanasi Bureau Office 
Movement wise the new approach to journalism UP Anf
Bureau office workers in Varanasi several months of salary arrears

Vineet Rai / Atul Mohan Singh 

Lucknow. The level of journalism is deteriorating day by day. The decline in the standards of journalism Prabuddha section of the society are concerned, the same newspaper published from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh wise Anf Muvmennt Earth Day by day new history seems gimmick. अभी कुछ दिन पूर्व इस अखबार ने जहां एक साथ २२ कर्मचारियों के पेट पर लात मारने का यूपी की पत्रकारिता में इतिहास रचा था, वही अब यूपी के वाराणसी शहर में धर्मसंग करपात्री, दुर्गाकुण्ड भेलूपुर स्थित अपने ब्यूरों कार्यालय के माध्यम से न केवल कर्मचारियों का ३ By 6 months of salary arrears have made history but also give a new dimension to the mode of journalism that made history.

I first joined the newspaper office would elicit distress of those employees who do not meet many months salary Wyythit are suffering. Later in this paper feels that the black money will do to Tsdik UP is being supported by a mafia don. Next to discredit the profession of journalism in Varanasi, Bureau Chief of the Bureau office under the name of journalism Mafiagiri respectively will be highlighted.
noted that in Varanasi Srikanth Singh as chief resident in this paper Brevl Jamalpur Bureau Mirzapur employed. Srikanth in this paper as a year ago, eight to ten employees from 4 thousand to 7 thousand had.  

starting one - two months salary if the employee paid Unhonnee but after that he slowly became reluctant to pay salaries to employees. Lack of salaries of the staff of Vice-left movement. Nearly three-day pre-pay some workers not getting a job away, gone. These salaries were not paid a thing Srikanth dispute was over. श्रीकांत अपने और अपने अखबार का संबंध माफिया डॉन मुन्ना बजरंगी और लखनऊ स्थित विजिलेंस डिपार्टमेंट में डिप्टी एसपी का जो वास्तव में एक निरीक्षक के पद कार्यरत है का अखबार होने क ी धमकी देकर उनको जान से मरवाने की और थाने में बंद करवाने की धमकी देता है . The staff were so stiff from his threat a thing. But those same workers have been fought over 6 months of salary arrears. The employee said on condition his name that he's not telling just a year ago, was joined in the newspaper as a reporter. At that time He also promised to give him seven thousand Parisrmici.  

Srikanth in the first round - were given two months' salary. But gradually he began to pay salaries to inattention. उसने बताया कि अगले माह उसकी बिटिया की शादी है, उसने अपनी बिटिया की शादी के लिए अपने बकाये वेतन की मांग की तो श्रीकांत ने तीन दिन पूर्व इनके साथ ४ अन्य कर्मचारियों को जिन्होंने ने अपने बकाये वेतन की मांग की थी, को नौकरी से निकला given. Employees in Lucknow last days O ॅ f wise for Media Movement burst onto the laid-off employees Dansta read their rights, their conscience also woke up to fight the battle. But the deputy SP Vigilance named Munna Bajrangi and were a little disturbed to hear that. मगर उन्होंने अपना नाम सार्वजनिक न किये जाने की शर्त पर अपने अधिकारों की लड़ाई जारी रखने का संकल्प लिया और संबंधित सूचना राजधानी के युवा पत्रकार विनीत राय से उनके मित्र के मोबाईल नम्बर ९४५१९०७३१५ के माध्यम से आज मंगलवार को करीब १२ से एक बजे के बीच संपर्क told his agony.  

insider said that any such employee are not connected to this newspaper, in Varanasi, which is two to three months' salary arrears not. Even at the lowest working Parisrmici Hakr are also three months salary arrears. The office next to the shopper who is going to feed her tea tea thousands of rupees are outstanding. Pilaye by the tea whenever he asks for money. Dus Mafia Don by showing him his deputy SP and mouth are closed. Sources said that in the past few employees were working in the newspaper for marketing. He also owed several months' salary and commission.  

source says that a friend of Srikanth. Every Munna Bajrangi is directly related to Upadhyaya. Spent his entire Mafia Don Bureau Office in Varanasi who Srikanth Munna Bajrangi through this particular Upadhyy A man carries gun. The Source says that the ruling party is Relative A minister of A, A Relative of the owner of the newspaper. Srikanth on their own transferred in the name of getting the job placement of people and earns that way.  

Sources in Varanasi District Information Office Anil Srivastava He also holds the post of clerk to ask and advertising as Rngdari had threatened to attack the death. Srikanth source said the gang was working in Mumbai, Munna Bajrangi and his works had to ask for Rngdari.  
What name is given to this mode, set themselves to the reader.

(Author: Lucknow is independent young journalist.)

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